We provide a range of natural seaweed products. Our main product, Gráinne na Mara: Natural Seaweed Extract is housed in a spray top-cap bottle which can be applied to the skin to treat arthritis, psoriasis, eczema, back pain, whiplash, joint paint, sports injuries and various other skin conditions, some of which can be seen on our product flyer.

Our edible seaweeds include Carrageen Moss, Dillisk, Kelp and Sea Lettuce. All four seaweeds except Sea Lettuce, which is only available in its natural state, area available in both their natural states and milled. Carrageen Moss is used to treat stomach ulcers, asthma, chest infections and reflux while Dillisk, full of B vitamins, is excellent or general health. Sea Lettuce is associated with longevity.

Other products include a seaweed bath bag.

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