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Sea Lettuce Edible Seaweed


Sea lettuce is named partly for its appearance but also for its edibility. Along with many other types of seaweeds, sea lettuce has probably been eaten by various cultures around the world for many centuries; it is particularly well-known in Scotland, and is also eaten in Japan. It can be eaten raw, dried or roasted, in salads, soups or stews. This information has been taken from this website.

Dillisk Edible Seaweed


Did you know that the first recorded use of Dulse Seaweed dates back to the 1400’s, used by the St. Columba Monks who used the seaweed for cooking and treating wounds.

Over 600 years later, Dulse seaweed is still being used today by people all over the world. This seaweed that grows in the north Atlantic is rich in minerals and vitamins and is an excellent addition to any healthy diet, especially for fiber.

Carrageen Moss Edible Seaweed


Carrageen Moss otherwise known as “Irish Moss” is sourced from cold water and has been used for centuries in Ireland.

Carrageen Moss has a very low taste profile making it really easy to add to any recipe or smoothies and allows you you reap the strong benefits of the power seaweed.