Natural Kelp Bath-Bag


You work hard and the daily stresses can take their toll on all of us – sometimes all you need to reset is a little “me time” – and we’re here to help with that!

Simply drop this bag into the bath tub next time you’re trying to unwind and let the seaweed soothe and nurture your skin and body.


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The Natural Bath-Bag contains 60g of Kelp Seaweed inside a mesh bag held tightly together with draw strings. Even better news? It can be used twice! before replacing.

How To Use The Bath-Bag:

Immerse the bag in hot water, and let it sit there for a few minutes. When water cools enough so you can enter the bath, squeeze the bag to release the kelp gel. When finished, place the mesh bag back into the plastic bag and store in the fridge. You can this Bath-Bag two times before disposing of it.